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My Work

Throughout my journalism career, I've done just about everything. From reporting, editing and fact-checking, to creating social visuals and website layouts, to curating site and app experiences, to analyzing metrics and creating stunning social promotion plans for award-winning journalism.


Here's a glimpse at some of my recent work. For more insight, examples of my audience plans, curation work and more, please get in touch.

The Morning Wire

I often write and curate The Morning Wire, AP's flagship newsletter that delivers the day's most critical news and analysis to more than 700,000 subscribers. I also help coordinate, send and promote AP special edition newsletters, including the Top 25 college football and basketball newsletters. I helped design, strategize and implement a weekend read newsletter that launches next month.

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Morning Wire_edited.jpg


Major Enterprise + Long-term Investigations

Part of my role as an audience engagement editor is finding exciting ways to curate, package, display and promote major enterprise stories. This includes months of project-management, cross-departmental collaboration and razor-sharp attention to detail.


See the below package for an example of a promotional plan that I managed alongside a counterpart from our Health & Science team and another engagement editor. Together we saw the project from conception to go-live. 

I wrote every headline and subhead, as well as all of the social copy, utilizing A/B testing to maximize audience engagement. I also managed the homepage curation and coordinated the off-platform rollout, planning rolling promotion over a 30-day window.


This package won the reporting team and us audience specialists a top nod in a competitive contest of "AP's Best of the Week."

Explore the project:

better beef 2.jpg
Singapore landless future.jpg


Online Misinformation

Prior to joining the Audience Growth & Development team full-time at AP, I reported on viral misinformation and online disinformation campaigns for the News Verification desk. Here are some highlights.

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