Reporting Balkans — March 18

“A lot of people were not found,” she added, gazing at the place her office once sat, now a pile of debris visible to anyone who walks by. “There is a feeling that they are still here. It is like working in a graveyard.”


Reporting Balkans — Feb. 19

BELGRADE — As Karadjordjeva street merges into Pariska, at the edge of Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Park with its millennia-old fortress, a hidden restaurant sits on the other side of a graffiti-covered apartment building that has seen better days. Inside, chefs take creative liberty, creating vegetarian food in a country where meatless cuisine is almost an oxymoron.

Reporting Balkans — March 8

“To consider yourself a feminist here in Kosovo, it is still a struggle, you become part of a target group,” Doruntina Stojkaj-Gashi, a Prishtina University student said. “This march is important to change that.”



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