For most of my career as a student journalist, I considered myself a print person, through and through. It wasn't until I picked up a shotgun mic and a Tascam on a whim for WRFI radio that I learned just how powerful it can be to hear a story in its most natural medium — the human voice. Since then, I've gone on to turn audio storytelling from a side-hobby to a primary part of my journalistic toolbox. Below are samples of my audio work, which has been broadcast on the radio through the Kansas City NPR member-station KCUR 89.3 and the Ithaca community radio station WRFI 91.9. For all pieces, I acted as the primary editor, producer, reporter and mixer unless otherwise noted. Most pieces were edited using Adobe Audition, but I also have some introductory experience in ProTools software. I'm currently taking online classes through to learn ProTools at a more advanced level.

Croatia's World Cup Run Energizes Kansas City Immigrant Community

By Sophia Tulp / KCUR 89.3

Missouri Voters' Choice On Right To Work Tests Labor's Strength And Could Weaken It

By Sophia Tulp / KCUR 89.3



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